Casa Vannucci

A beautifully restored apartment in an impressive historic building. An oasis of green and tranquillity, just a few steps from the famous Fontana Maggiore. The perfect place to stay in Umbria.

Come to Casa Vannucci, where you can breath centuries of history. This was the home of the painting school of the celebrated artist Pietro Vannucci, il Perugino, whose work can be seen on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and who lent his name to the main street. These rooms were later used as a storehouse and barn, and following that, were consecrated and became a church in first baptist and then evangelic.

Now returned to its former glory, Casa Vannucci is ready to welcome you, whether you are coming to Perugia for work, study, or tourism. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of all the city centre has to offer, and still awake to the gentle sound of birdsong in the morning.

The apartment is composed of a large kitchen and dining space, two splendidly furnished double bedrooms, and an impressive bathroom with a large shower and bath. The principal entrance opens on to via Benincasa 6/b, while entering from via  Deliziosa one passes through a pleasant courtyard which illuminates the larger of the two bedrooms.